Are entrepreneurs born or are they made: Do You Have What it Takes?

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

There are many reasons people take the plunge into entrepreneurship, but not all reasons are the right reasons for opening your own business. What are your reasons for choosing entrepreneurship?

:: Be your own boss.

Although this is the number one reason given by new entrepreneurs when making the change from employee to self-employed, there are a few important things to consider. Without a boss to punish you for coming in late, missing a deadline, or forgetting a call, do you have the self-discipline to get things done, to do them right, and to finish them on time? Without a boss to blame, are you willing to take responsibility for mistakes and fix problems yourself? If you eliminate the demands of your boss, will you be able to handle demands from customers and clients, suppliers and vendors, partners, and even yourself!


One thought on “Are entrepreneurs born or are they made: Do You Have What it Takes?

  1. I think entrepreneaurs are neither born nor made. It’s simply a matter of circumstance. Some people come to a point where they are tired of there jobs and there financial situation and decide to take matters into there own hands and start there own business. Starting a business requires focus and dedication. If you don’t have a vision for your business then you should not quit your day job.

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